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Electronic Product Development

Our company has developed a strict classification of main development stages of a new electronic product. This classification includes seven stages of development that are crucial for any electronics product design. Our adherence to this roadmap helps us to minimize risks and avoid shifting those risks to the final stage of full-scale product manufacture, which is undesirable.

Manufacturing, Repair & Maintenance of Elevator Controller

An elevator is an extremely complex system with hundreds of parts that must be maintained. One function of maintenance is ensuring continued operation by preventing excessive wear and breakdown. In systems as complex as modern elevator systems, a more important aspect of maintenance is to ensure that the equipment continues to perform as it was originally designed. This can be accomplished only by qualified, trained technicians using the correct equipment and tools.
We are manufacturer of Elevator Controller. Also, We have trained & Qualified technicians for repairing & maintenance.

Test Jig Designing as per Customer Requirement

Depending on the PCB Circuit complexity and customer requirement we do design Testing Jig for Testing and repair of Cards.

We also undertake establishing service station for any type of Electronics products

Manufacturing Electronics Product